When to Make A Dermatologist Appointment

We are aware of going to dentists for our teeth and a physician for almost everything else. For the most part you may say you take great care of yourself, you drink your water, you eat healthy meals throughout the day, what more could your body want? The only thing is you’ve had this itchy red patch on your skin for months and it doesn’t seem to be going away. It actually appears to be getting worse, but other than that you are doing fine, so there’s no need to see your doctor. Who you probably should take the time to see is your dermatologist. It is good to see a dermatologist for scars, troublesome moles, and stubborn skin issues.

Scars on The Skin

Scars are a normal as the skin is healing from certain traumas. They can however be painful and inconvenient, as well as cause you to be self-conscious. Over time, most scars will heal to being barely visible, however some scars that become raised, indented, thick or bigger, will need professional scar treatment to be reduced in appearance. Scars can result from anything from chicken pox to surgery. The more severe the damage the longer it will take to heal and the higher the chance that a lasting noticeable scar will be there.

Troublesome Moles

Whether the mole is old or new, it’s good to get your skin examined once a year. It’s very important to get your moles or spots looked at if you notice any change in them such as the size, shape or color. If they have started itching or bleeding, having pain or sores that just won’t heal. If you have a family history of skin cancer or even a history of sunburns, you should make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Stubborn Skin Issues

One of the most popular skin conditions in the United States is acne. As simple as it sounds, sometimes over-the-counter remedies and at home do it yourself treatments are not the answer. Your body may need a more concentrated regimen that only a dermatologist can prescribe. Another thought is that some things may resemble acne, but they are something completely different. In that case, you could be treating your issue in the wrong manner and cause an adverse reaction on your skin. If you are experiencing any scarring and your treatments are not working, you may need to look up dermatology Lincoln NE


When you have a skin condition that just seems out of hand, don’t suffer at home or in your wallet by purchasing several over-the-counter meds. Stop by a dermatologist’s office and let them examine the issue. It may not be as serious as it feels and then on the other hand it may be more serious than you thought. It’s good to get yourself scanned once a year. Things happen every day, catch something in the early stages so that you give your body a fighting chance to heal properly and get back to normal. Make an appointment for scars on the skin, troublesome moles, and stubborn skin issues.