Top Electronic Cigarette Reviews

It is hard to choose which electronic cigarette is best for you, but with great reviews, you can have an idea of what type you should get and the design is up to you, it depends on the taste. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to replace cartridges always and buy a new one, you should get refillable e-cig. For those who are actually into vaping, there is more advanced variable voltage, or you can get cig-a-like that will give you the more realistic feeling of smoking because it looks the same as a regular cigarette.

The technology becomes more advanced over the years, so you need to be updated, and the devices are also becoming smaller, and the goal of some is to get as small as a cigarette, so you can have that realistic feeling. There are a lot of e cigarette reviews where you can learn more and stay updated.

Aurora AHOL

The collaboration with Dr. Dabber and AHOL the artist is something special that happened to vaporizers design. Including a street artist can be a great idea because their way of thinking is outside the box, and in this case, they’ve made a dope look with awesome performance. It has dual quartz rod, ceramic halo and two premium atomizers.

The variable voltage models are usually bigger in size because of the features they have, but Dr. Dabber managed to implement that in Aurora AHOL. With everything that other devices have, there is the unique look, so when you see the price of $100 you shouldn’t be surprised.

It has a pen-like look and still has a great vapor production which is very important for many users. It isn’t just a device for vaping it is an art also, so when you hold it you will feel more pleased than with similar devices.

Ohm Go

This e-cig was made by a company named Apollo, and generally, they make strong vaporizers. It isn’t massive as some devices even if it is strong with a 1900mAh battery. A great thing is that it can handle up to 3ml and it can get up to 50W or power.

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The design is what actually matters for users, and when you look at the Apollo ohm, you won’t get disappointed. Another feature is the adjustable airflow on the sides of the device. Because the battery is strong, you can easily go through the day with one charge, but that also depends on how frequently you are using it. The turn-on switch is in the middle like at the most models.

Aspire Zelos

Many people after trying out vaping, they use low power models like cig a like type, and they get excited and want to move to the next level. Every vape smoker knows the good feeling when you see a lot of vapor produced by the device. Aspire Zelos is something you should consider if you want to get to the next level and really enjoy the vaping.

The battery on this model is 2500mAh which is very large for a small device. It has a Nautilus 2 tank which is great, but it gives a different look to the model. It is a lot bigger, but the vape it produces is also larger. Because it is big, you will also have some extra features like five different levels of airflow.

Box Mods

At box mods type there are different features such as temperature control, variable wattage or really both in the same device. Many are also good devices for the users that want to sub ohm vape. Also, this should not be done before you actually know what you are doing.

Two types of box mods exist and they are with integrated battery and with replaceable batteries. The first one is bad because when it eventually fails you need to replace the whole thing. The second one is more convenient because you just replace the failed battery and not the whole mod.

But, when you want to get the one you can replace just the battery, you need to know how to take good care of it, so you won’t need to change it often. They are larger than other types of vaporizers, so you should start with a smaller device and then transfer if you know you want to get to the next level.