Tips to Ensure Your Infusion Pump’s Lifespan

When it comes to appropriate medical care, it is essential to have a fully functioning, reliable infusion pump. It does not matter whether the services are being provided at a hospital, a physician’s office, an outpatient surgery center, or a veterinary clinic, having an infusion pump break down could be catastrophic for patients, and place patients in danger due to lack of access. Even if an infusion pump is still working, but not performing at peak performance, it can put a damper on providing patient care.

Extending the Life of Your Infusion Pump

There are a lot of new models becoming every year that are more safe and efficient. However, you will need to know how to keep them operating at peak performance to get your money’s worth. There are some tips to extend the life of your IV Pump.

Replace the Batteries on a Regular Schedule

One of the most common reasons for pump failure is that operators are using old batteries. Rechargeable batteries become less effective over time and need to be replaced by newer, higher quality batteries. By replacing them regularly, you will reduce the change of receiving false error codes, and accidental infusion pump shut down.

Update the Software on Your Intravenous Pump

Just like with any other electronic, infusion pumps will require regular software upgrades. By staying up-to-date on software updates, you can ensure that your infusion pump is functioning at peak performance. So make sure you keep your software up to date.

Repair and Replace Broken Pumps Right Away

An infusion pump that is not functioning properly does not always have to be discarded. A lot of malfunctions are caused by parts that can easily be replaced, which reduces your cost significantly. There are a lot of repair options available to reduce your payout, including:

Diagnose the Problem and Repair the Machine In-House

Before you decide to discard a machine, you should consult an in-house professional about your machine. Not only will you save time and money on replacing the machine, you will also save money by not paying a third-party to diagnose the problem. So, do diagnostics on your machine.

Send the Machine to the Original Manufacturer for Service

The original manufacturer will provide a full range of service for their pumps. They are also able to repair their pumps. The best part is that they will restore the pump to the same accuracy and specification that the pump had when you initially purchased it. While it is the most expensive option, it is also the only option that ensures your warranty will remain valid.

Have a Third-Party Repair the Pump 

 If you want to maintain your infusion pump’s warranty, and you do not want to send it back to the manufacturer, you can hire a certified third-party to repair the pump. One advantage to this option is that many third-party repair companies will provide you with a loaner pump while they replace yours. By maintaining your infusion pump, you are ensuring that patients are being provided with the best care possible. You will reduce medication errors and you will know for sure that it is functioning as the manufacturer intended.