Helping Your Child Cope with Dental Anxiety

Many people fear going to the dentist for many reasons. Children fear going to the dentist the most because they are threatened by experiencing pain. Anyone can experience fear if they know what they could be facing some sort of pain. People will tend to naturally experience anxiety anytime they know they could be hurt by any means. It is critical to understand how sensitive children could be. A study found that there are about 74.1 percent of children found to experience moderate to severe dental anxiety. Due to the high number of children who experience dental anxiety, there is also a high number of children facing dental health issues because of the lack of success dental visits. It is important for parents to work with dentists and professionals to help ease dental anxiety that their children experience to encourage successful dental visits.

Many children face dental issues due to a lack of successful dental appointments. There are children who absolutely hate going to the dentist because they think that they are going to face pain of some kind. No matter what you say to your child, your child will continue to think what they perceive of a dentist appointment. The more dental anxiety your child faces, the less likely they are to have a healthy mouth and teeth. In addition, the more dental and mouth issues they have the more their overall health could suffer as well. About 42 percent of children ages 2 to 11 years old have dental cavities in their primary teeth. In addition, black and Hispanic children with low incomes are more likely to have more decay as well. It all starts with educating your child on going to the dentist and why they need to go to the dentist. Making it a fun learning experience is also important for your child to feel more encouraged to go to the dentist.

It is critical to make sure you do everything you can to create a learning and fun environment for your child when going to the dentist. You never want to make it fearful or worrisome. Every child tends to feel scared when they are going through a new experience. Therefore, it is critical to help your child understand and feel at ease that they are not going to experience any pain. Try to make the experience fun, by making jokes and joining in and participating with the examination. There are also dentists who specifically work with just children. These dentists also know how to help calm dental anxiety and how to work gently and patiently with children. You can try doing some research on your nearest children’s dental offices by searching:
children’s dental care specialist burnsville mn. From here you should find a list of dentists that can help you reach your goals in fighting dental anxiety for your children.

Overall, it is important to do everything you can to help your child overcome dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can prevent your child from getting the dental health care they need. Work closely with your child’s dentist to find out how they can best help your child overcome their anxiety and turn the experiences into a pleasant one.