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The Benefits of Collagen in our Bodies Collagen is the most crucial component that is found in plenty in our bodies. Collagen assist in the repair of the destroyed tissues.The protein contains more fibers in the networking issues.For instance during exercise the body tissues may experience some microscopic damages due to the overly stretched muscles. The body has a way of remanufacturing the damaged cells. Collagen produces the cells back to their original make. Collagen would also do that after any annoying body activity. Even if collagen takes much time, it still treats the cells back to their healthy state. The fibrous tissues formed on the skin of the human body which brings support and turgidity to the surface are formed by collagen. The high fibrils which make up the strong muscles are made by the strong connectivity made out of the collagen.This aids in preventing the skin from developing additional wrinkles which may appear on the skin. Other reasons for the development of the folding on the surface would also be out of burning of the skin or even attack by an illness. Increase in the age also causes a drastic reduction in the rate in which the collagen is produced in the body.Therefore one should take care of their skin by ensuring that you make food that is rich in proteins, gelatin, vitamin C and bioactive collagen which will aid in the formation of healthy and firm joints and skin. Vitamin C which is commonly found in the vegetables, citric fruits, potatoes, mangoes, pineapples and others are an excellent source of vitamin C.Getting adequate vitamin C which would prevent bleeding gums, rashes on the skin and tiredness which is closely associated with scurvy is important. For the body to function properly, there is a need for proper amounts of the vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is crucial in the processing and collecting together of the collagen tissue. The processing of the protein collagen greatly relies much on the amino acids which are present in the proteins.Most of the animal meat that is available like the red beef and mutton, white meat from the fish and birds are an excellent source of collagen. Omega 4 and 6 are present in the meat is very important in the synthesis of the protein collagen.
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Collagen is made from the amino acids which are broken down from the proteins which can be extracted from the protein cereals or the animals. This necessitates the advantage of taking foods that are rich in proteins which aid in the processing of collagen.Interesting Research on Collagen – Things You Probably Never Knew