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Considerations When Choosing The Type Of Socks To Wear

Men usually are not keen when choosing what socks to wear when they are attending a function, but if one makes the wrong choice even when they have chosen other wear correctly they may look awkward. If one is not keen on the socks they choose to combine with the rest of the clothes they may end up looking awkward due to the wrong combination. When selecting the socks to wear when attending a function one needs to pay close attention to color, length, weight as well as pattern and choose carefully. Lengths to choose from include ankle length, below the ankle length, above the ankle or over the calf length which are the longest among the rest. After identifying the right length to wear, one also needs to determine the weight of the socks choosing between thin and thick socks depending on the event. There are also numerous patterns to choose from such as window pane, argyle and plain. Socks are also available in different colors thus when one is selecting which socks to wear it is advisable that they match with the clothes they wear. One can choose to wear khaki, green, black, navy or white color which is the most common socks colors for men.

The main guide on what to wear in the event that one is planning to attend. If an individual is attending a sport related function where they plan to take part it is advisable that one selects the athletics socks. The most popular color with athletics socks is gray though white is also common they usually contain stripes. Length varies from above-the -ankle to above-the-calf and such socks should not be used for other activities rather than sport.

In the event of one attending an event that requires casual wears and one decides to wear blue jeans; then thick blue socks would the most appropriate to be worn along for the event. Though there are individuals who usually wear white socks and even athletic socks when attending casual events the idea looks terrible, but white socks for white denim is a great idea. Any other color of denim that one selects to wear for an event should also match the color of the socks. One should also select matching colors for slacks such as khaki socks for khaki pants, brown socks for brown pants and others including black. When one is wearing a suit or any other formal attire they should also match the suit color with the socks color.
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When attending an event with jeans or slacks they can use the argyle pattern socks although they are also used together with suits. Shorts do not match with socks but when choosing a pattern of socks to wear the color of the pants should be the main guide.Smart Tips For Finding Accessories