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What You Stand To Gain From Alkaline Ionized Water Water is has been said to be life. Water is very advantageous to our bodies in a significant way. Water heals our bodies through straightforward ways that can leave you amazed. As technology evolves more machines are being invented, one of such machines is the machine that splits water from the large molecules to smaller ionized alkaline particle. You are not the only one who is wondering what the big deal is with alkaline ionized water and what is wrong with good ol’ tap water? You will be amazed at the benefits that await you should you decide to embrace alkaline ionized tap water. Alkaline ionized water is a relatively new product in the market. Those who believed that is water is more potent than we think it is, pursued the quest to have water be used for more health benefits. The human body is quite acidic due to the foods that we consume, but when we drink alkaline ionized water we stand to benefit our bodies a lot. Tap water has been found to contain impurities like chlorine, fluorine and some heavy metal that end up significantly injuring our health. When the water is alkalized and ionized these harmful compounds are eliminated. Alkaline ionized water is important in the balancing of the pH of the blood. The acidic nature of most of the foods that we consume makes our blood pH to drop increasing the risk of getting related ailments. When you alkaline ionized water, it raises the pH of your already acidic blood to an optimum pH of 7.4. When the pH of the blood is balanced conditions such as acidosis will be unheard of.
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Another health benefit of alkaline ionized water is that it is easily absorbed into the body. Water in itself is very absorbable how much more absorbable will it be when it becomes ionized. Substances that have been ionized can easily cross the cell membrane of the cells lining the gut. The benefit of this is that the water quickly gets into the cell which means it can start its work of healing faster.
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There have been claims that this miracle compound is instrumental in the control of weight. There seems to be a direct relation between this water and the loss of weight. The argument for this is water is that in the obese their fat cells hold fat so that it can protect them from acidic toxins. This water is powerful antioxidant. This miracle water fights any antioxidant in the body. With free radicals in the body, the dangers they pose cannot be undermined. With this wonder-water, you can enjoy good health because the negative charge of the hydrogen molecule fight the free radicals in the body preventing oxidation-related illnesses. With all these facts about alkaline ionized water there is no reason why should not enjoy this water.