5 Lessons Learned: Entertainment


Many people with the personal and business website have been worried on the way they can use to add music on their websites and be able to play it. This has been a great challenge because many people fall short of technological competence that can enable them perform such operation. Nevertheless, advance computer skills is not the best qualification for one to be able perform such tasks. One does not to look for web designer to be able upload a given music to his website. This is a task that can do at the comfort of the person irrespective of the computer knowledge. When one decides to offer the music on his website one should bear in mind that listening to the music is the choice of those who visit the site. Therefore one should not play the music immediately after logging into his website This is because some can be interested in the contented of the website but not the music. One should ensure that there are plug-in that gives an option to those who want to play the music on your website.

The first simple of uploading a playlist on the website is by using a WordPress audio plug-in for wordpress users The plug-in that are available for this purpose are audio album, seriously simple podcasting, cue plug-in, MP3-jPlayer, compact WPaudio player and mb.mini Audio player One simply needs to install a plug-in of the choice and plug in first downloaded in the computer then you click plug-in button on the website the go to add new, then select the downloaded plug-in and the install.

The next method of uploading music on a website is by using the wordpress audio player. Being incredibly user friendly make the method. Online music playlist can be uploaded directly to the website using built-in wordpress audio player. Open the WP dashboard and directly goes to add media, then click on upload add the audio files you want to your playlist. Relevant information of the file such as title, artist and album and the click into post is what one is require of.

The third method is to embed a SoundCloud Audio player. This is the mostly used music sharing platform having millions of songs and playlist. In case one loves a particular artist or soundtrack and wants to place it on his website the following steps are followed: find the music playlist or song and see if it has embedding enabled, then click on the share button and choose embed the copy the code and paste on your website. User experience should be provided to the audience when one is using music for website.