5 Questions The Chiropractor Asks During the Consulting Exam

5 Questions The Chiropractor Asks During the Consulting Exam

Patients do not simply sign up to go to the chiropractor and immediately receive treatment. Instead, a consulting exam needs to get performed so the professional offering treatment has a better idea of where the pain stems from and how it can truly be helped. At least five questions get asked during this initial exam.

Where is the Pain?

The chiropractor will ask the patient where the pain is located. This information helps the professional best decide how to help alleviate the achiness in that area. Neck and shoulder pain gets treated differently than pain in areas of the back.

What Happened to Cause the Pain?

The cause of the pain plays a significant role in determining the course of treatment. If the aches came on from nowhere, a simple massage and chiropractic work may be all that’s needed. If it developed after an accident, x-rays may be necessary to see what damage has been done to the body.

How Does the Pain Affect Daily Life?

If the aches a patient feels are only minor, they may not disrupt daily life that much. Pain that remains excruciating throughout the day can greatly impact how much a person can handle each day. Knowing the affects of the pain on daily life can help a professional come up with some at-home remedies that may relieve the tension for a given time.

What Type of Pain is Felt?

Everyone’s pain is different. Some may feel a shooting feeling in one spot while others feel a throbbing sensation. A dull ache could creep in, or a burning sensation could take over. The specific type helps doctors determine what the cause may be.

What Past and Present Symptoms Have Been Felt?

Not many people only feel a pain sensation. Most have other symptoms that come and go along with it. A person with stiff joints could have arthritis, while someone with painful urination could be experiencing an infection. Knowing all past and present symptoms helps professionals best determine the root of the problem and lets them know how it should get treated.

A visit to a chiropractor could come in handy for anyone suffering. Any person that visits a clinic should be prepared to answer these five questions before their physical assessment so the physician will best know how to help.

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