Tips on Choosing baby socks

As a parent, of course, you want to give the best for your baby. Included in choosing baby socks. Currently, a lot of baby socks are sold in the market. Comfort is the most important thing that you have to prioritize. When choosing baby socks you should choose what is appropriate for your baby’s age as well as baby’s development. Giving the best for the baby is a must for parents.

Where socks itself is one important element that is needed because it will provide the warmth needed by the baby to be able to keep his body temperature to stay warm and keep the baby’s skin is not scratched in because the baby’s skin is still very thin. Therefore you should consider some things in choosing socks that fit your baby:

  1. If the baby is 3 months old mother, the mother just wears baby socks on the baby. When he was 4-7 months old, the mother can wear socks that look like baby shoes where the base is a bit thick.
  2. Choose socks made of soft material in because the baby’s legs are not easy to irritate and choose that can absorb sweat like for example cotton, or it could be a special wool material for cold weather.
  3. Make sure the size of the socks is not too narrow, leave space 0.5-1.5 cm so that the baby’s feet freely move. Choose socks with a pedestal-like rubber pattern for babies who are learning to walk.

If the above 3 criteria have been obtained then the mother is not wrong if choosing baby socks with a funny and cute motif that will give the impression of cuteness on the baby and for the baby is more comfortable to wear it. If the motifs of his socks are innocent will give a monotonous impression. If you want to choose socks or shoes that have decoration, choose that does not harm your baby.

For the subject in treating baby socks to stay durable and always awake with one of them is wash well and correctly. If the mother intends to want the key then it is recommended to wash it manually by hand if you want to use a brush then use a soft brush that can not damage the material socks. And it is not recommended to frequently wash with a washing machine although more time efficiency but can make socks easily damaged.

Choosing and treating baby socks is easy-easy-easy it all depends on the habits of the mother. In making sure the 3 criteria are met so that the condition of both feet of the baby remains healthy and awake from things that are not in want. Because the soul of the baby is the main factor that must be paid attention.


Most Expensive Wedding Gown in the World

Marriage becomes one of the greatest moments in a person’s life. No wonder many people willing to throw big funds to celebrate their happy day, not least for the Hollywood artist. Of the few things that must be a prepared wedding, one of which is a wedding dress. Unexpected if many famous celebrities are willing to pay big fees just for the dress she wore on the day happy binding sacred promises. Several female artists fulfill their dreams to appear princess on her wedding day. They also deliberately designed a plush dress studded with diamonds, pearls, and some even choose peacock feathers as the basic ingredients of the dress. Here are 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world

 bridal wedding dress

Compared to some previous pedantic dress, this one wedding dress spelled out. Danasha luxury specifically designed the dress in 2010. Then exhibited at the fashion show with on sale price $ 1.600000. This wedding dress is really decorated with thousands of peacock feathers are neatly arranged. Not only that, the designer also gives a little gold and diamonds to make this wedding dress looks luxurious and beautiful.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Perhaps almost everyone in the world has ever seen princess Diana’s wedding dress. But have you ever wondered what the price for a wedding dress with the 24-foot long train? The price is fantastic. To be worn once on her wedding day, the dress is made for $ 2.600000 princess Diana personality as depicted in the dress.

Diamond wedding gown

If you think princess Diana wedding dress is the most expensive in the world, look at this one dress. The diamond dress is the result of the design of Martin Katz and Renee Strauss priced at $ 12,200,000. This wedding dress is really very luxurious. Martin Katz and Renee Strauss agreed to use 150 karats of diamonds that adorn the white dress.


Women’s Health Bags in the World

For some women, the bag is not only important to carry the goods, but also to support his appearance. Now even, many bags serve as a symbol of one’s social status. The more branded and expensive the bag price used by a woman, the higher the social status in the eyes of others. It also encourages socialite women to collect expensive bags, at exorbitant prices.

Mouawad 1001 nights diamond purse

When compared with Hermes, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton, this one brand may sound familiar enough. However, it turns out this hand made Mouawad handbag was awarded the most expensive bag in the world by the guest book with a value of $ 3.9 million. As the most expensive bag in the world, of course, there is a heavy and laborious process in the making. It takes 10 professional artists with an operational time of 8800 hours just to make a bag like this. This heart-shaped luxury bag is decorated with 18 karat gold and 4,356 shiny clear gems.

The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka bag

The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka is one of Hermes’s “Birkin” series. The name “Birkin” is taken from the name of a wife of actress and singer Jane Birkin. The bag was made by a designer bag from Japan, Ginza Tanaka. The platinum bag managed to sit in the second order of the most expensive bag ever in the world. Made in 2008, the bag is made of platinum that is sprinkled with more than 2,000 diamonds with 10 karats. Meanwhile, the locks made of the white gold content of 18 karats. Tas luxury is sold for $ 2000000.

Chanel “diamond forever

The product of a million people special bag luxury. A brand whose popularity has been tested globally it also has a collection of the most luxurious bag called Chanel diamond forever. Same with most of the luxury handbags on this list, this bag is made from genuine crocodile leather. To reinforce the impression of luxury, there are gems and white gold overlay it. This luxury bag is worth $ 261000. The quantity of this bag is very exclusive and limited. There are only 13 in the world, and five are in the united states.


Tips on Choosing Yarn Knitting

Knitting became an activity that women have always done. You can make various kinds of items by knitting such as baby hats, clothes, sweaters, scarves, vests, caps, bags and much more. Well, to make it all, it is important that you know what kind of yarn should be used for maximum and long lasting knitting products. The yarn is a long piece of fiber commonly used for making various sewing products, textile fabrics, woven fabrics, crochets,

 to make own knit products known various kinds of knitting yarn that have its own uniqueness and distinctive. In order not to choose wrong, it is better if you listen to the first discussion of tips on choosing good and correct knit yarn. We share tips on choosing the right knitting yarn, which you can see in the article below:

        Size and shape yarns

You should know about the size and shape of the knitting yarn such as yarn balls and yarn rolls. It depends on the yarn material to be used.

        Yarn material

Know which yarn material you use is made of what. Knitting yarn can be found in several types such as:

  • from animal fibers such as lambswool which is a popular choice because it has good insulating properties, very absorbent, has good shape and very durable. You can make scarves and socks from lambswool. However, this type of yarn should be washed by hand and dry it until it is completely dry.
  • from plant fibers such as linen or cotton are soft, strong and very soft. For this type of yarn, you can use to make summer clothes and clothing for children. If you want to wash it, just use the machine.
  • of artificial fibers or acrylic fibers such as polyester or nylon are relatively cheaper and easier to wash. This yarn can be an ideal choice for baby clothes and fashion goods. You can use the washer and dryer.

    Color yarns

Decide first the color you will use before knitting. Most knitting yarns have a single uniform color, but there are also those with various options such as:

  • heathered or wool: yarn with different colored fiber spots
  • ombre: multitudinous thread with light and dark shades of a single hue
  • multi color: multitudinous yarn with two or more different colors
  • self-striping: yarns that have more than one color and will form a motif when knitted.
  • marked: yarn made of yarn of different color related colors.

If you want to create your own colors, there are types of yarns that can be used undyed or can be colored with natural or artificial coloring.

         Thick thread

Note the thickness of the thread called the load like:

  • for a scarf or doilies use 2 ply yarn
  • for knitting socks and 8-ply children’s clothing
  • For beginners, 10-ply yarn thickness is the right choice to make scarves and hats
  • For 2-ply size, yarns may be slightly used. Other than that. It takes a large needle to make it.

    Washing wrap results

Pay attention to the washing instructions you can see on the label of the thread you have purchased. Follow the washing instructions that will help you to maintain the quality of the yarn and allow the knitted products to last for a very long time.

Use a simple thread if you just want to start learning knitting to see the results of the knits you make. If you are already proficient, switch to a yarn type that has better quality and thickness. To roll up the thread, the easiest way is to roll it up by asking for help from a friend who will hold the thread and you use your elbow to roll it up. Or you can use a roller to avoid tangled threads.…

The most expensive t-shirt brand on the market

Clothing is the most important thing in everyone’s life because the clothes can affect the appearance and can describe the personality of each person. Today, many people are aware of the overall appearance and want to look perfect all the time. Many types of clothing created in accordance with the environment and community culture, one of which is a shirt. T-shirts are considered the best thing that applies to formal and casual wear. T-shirts are often paired with jeans.

There are various kinds of t-shirts available in the market, which are famous for any occasion. Fashion changes over time so that famous brands are considered a status symbol in the community, but famous and expensive brands are only reachable by some people. The following five brands of the world’s t-shirts:


Armani is owned by Milan and founded in1976. It is estimated that this brand has generated a total revenue of us $ 2.5 billion. This shirt is so comfortable and has a high class. Armani is one brand that is very expensive and can not be reached by everyone.


Prada is also another famous brand founded in 1913 and also belongs to Milan. It is widely available around the world and is known to always provide comfortable shirts for the community. This brand is estimated to have earned us $ 3 billion in total revenue, which illustrates the success and demand of this brand.

D & g

D & g is a brand founded in 1985. It is a brand founded by Stefano Gabbana. This brand is referred to as one of the most expensive brands because it has a casual t-shirt prices ranging from us $ 500. This shirt is much more stylish and is made with unique prints that are famous for the amazing textures used in the making.


Chanel is a Paris-owned brand founded in 1909. It is a brand founded by Gabrielle Bonheur and Pierre Wertheimer. This brand t-shirt is said to be expensive because it is available for us $ 1,000. Which is certainly not affordable for everyone.


Gucci is an Italian owned brand and was founded in 1921. It is called the most expensive t-shirt brand available worldwide. It says Gucci brand shirts are much more stylish, trendy, luxurious, and quite durable.Casual shirts of this brand are sold for us $ 2,000, which is certainly not affordable for everyone. Perhaps the price offered by this brand shirt seems expensive, but there are still people who are willing to buy this brand shirt with the aim to keep appearing fashionable in the community


Most Expensive Women Shoes in the World

The shoe is a thing that is considered as one of the complementary appearances of someone to look more attractive but still look relaxed. The use of shoes has become a must for many people. This is because using shoes can make a person become more secure because it will not make blisters on the soles of the feet and do not have to worry about the heat from the asphalt or the sun that often makes the foot becomes itchy. But in the election must be considered the convenience of use through the materials used in the shoe. Choose that does not make the feet become hot because of the lack of air coming in the shoes so that will make the foot smells odor even make abrasions because the material is less soft and not elastic.

In the case of shoe making it must be thoroughly and produce works that are so amazing. This can be seen from the many successful shoe designers with the shoe design that has been made. This gives a positive impression to everyone about their design shop. Many of the shoe designers whose names increasingly exist because of their success in designing shoes to produce a fashion trend in fashion shoes at all times. Every time the development of shoes more rapidly coupled with the number of designers who are more productive with the work he made.

The ruby slippers by Harry Winston

Shoes worth three million rupiahs may have a lot, but what about shoes for $ 3,000,000. Shoes called “the ruby slippers” are inspired by the shoes worn by Dorothy in the story of the wizard of oz. Fifty years after the film’s production, jewelry designer Gary Winston decided to make shoes consisting of 4,600 ruby stone and 30 karat diamonds and took 2 months of work.

“Rita Hayworth” heels by Stuart Weitzman

Looks simple, but in fact, the shoes are made of satin is decorated with flowers made of diamonds, ruby, and sapphire you know. $ 3,000,000 American shoe made by Stuart Weitzman in a different color from her usual and inspired collection from actress Rita Hayworth

Tanzanite Stiletto by Stuart Weitzman

Still, the work of the same designer, this time Stuart Weitzman along with jewelry designer Eddie levian created the most expensive shoes equipped with 185-carat African natanite gems from Africa. Not only that, at the top of the shoe there is also a 28 karat diamond. This shoe is for $ 2,000,000


Tips on Choosing Sports Shoes

All sports activities certainly require supporting components such as shoes. Shoes that are used also can not just use it. In fact, some people are willing to spend more to find the best shoes. The same in the futsal world, the choice of the right shoes is obligatory. Unfortunately, most people feel confused or even wrong in buying shoes. Starting from the beginner, even players who have been playing long enough to often make mistakes in choosing shoes.

Futsal shoes are like combat equipment for futsal players. Therefore, choosing futsal shoes should not be arbitrary. There are several things to consider when choosing futsal shoes, ranging from materials, shapes, until the seams that can affect performance when in the field. Here are 5 tips for you to choose combat equipment (futsal shoes) is good

1. Shoe material

shoe material is the most basic thing to note when choosing futsal shoes. There are four materials that are often used to make futsal shoes, namely carbon, leather, fabric, and imitation. The best material is from carbon fiber material because it makes the user feel comfortable, lightweight, and also strong. The materials most avoided are imitation materials because they will be easily damaged and also very uncomfortable to use.

2. Adjust the foot shape

The first way to do is choose shoes with the shape of the foot. There are two kinds of legs that are owned by every person is slim fit and wide fit. Before choosing and buying it, you know the shape of the foot. The way is quite easy. Just put your feet wet on paper. From the visible footprints will show what your legs look like.

3. Note the size

In choosing shoes to pay attention to the size is a must do. Choose shoe size at least 1 cm larger than the size of the foot. This will maximize the feeling of Yaman on your feet.

4. Watch the ingredients

The fourth way is to pay attention to the outside material and in the shoe. For outer shoe materials, choosing shoes that have synthetic leather with the finest materials, fine fabrics, carbon fiber is the right choice. The upper part or the back of a leather shoe is a good choice. Because the upper with the skin will follow the shape of the foot and not stiff. While the shoe sole, choose a soft material and anti-slip for comfortable wear and avoid slip while playing futsal.